PdfGrabber FAQ's

1. There are X's in the exported text in the demo version. Does this also happen in the full version?

2. Where can I order the full version of PdfGrabber?

3. Can PdfGrabber also be used to create PDF files?

4. Can password-protected documents be exported with PdfGrabber?

5. I have a PDF file which PdfGrabber is not reading correctly. Am I doing something wrong?

6. Whilst text and images can be exported with the PdfGrabber, lines and frames are missing. What am I doing wrong?

7. Exporting large documents and PDF files with a lot of pictures is taking a very long time. What can I do?

8. After using the RTF/Word export function, I can only see a "Section change" in Word and the document is otherwise empty. What must I do?

9. I would like to forward a file generated via the RTF/Word export function, but the file is not displayed on the target PC or in the wrong font. What must I do?

10. I want to export a PDF file into RTF/Word format. What is the quickest way of doing this?

11. There are too many or too few columns in the Excel export. What must I do

12. Can the PdfGrabber also be remotely controlled by command line parameters or Com-Interface?

13. I tried to export a scan based document. The result included only a graphic file but no text. Is this correct?

15. When converting to DXF, instead of the text contained in the PDF, the letters are always jumbled up. However, conversion to other formats works properly.

16. When converting to DXF either parts of or indeed the whole of the PDF page are not exported.

17. When exporting to DXF, text from the PDF is not copied as text (letters) but as character/line commands. Changing the profile preferences has no effect.

18. When exporting to DXF, text and the tips or arrow heads are not output.

19. Following installation of the PdfGrabber, upon clicking with the right mouse button on a PDF document or when starting 'Word' or 'Excel' a window entitled 'WindowsInstaller' appears followed by an error message (user does not have administrator rights for PdfGrabber installation).

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