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PdfEditor 1.0 Professional

  • PdfEditor makes it possible to edit and create PDF files. PDF documents are opened directly in PdfEditor and can be edited with the help of numerous tools. Text can be changed or inserted, images removed, deleted or exchanged, vectors and shapes can be modified and drawn anew.

    In this way, PdfEditor permits you to directly edit the contents of PDF documents (texts, images, vectors) without having to install Adobe Acrobat. 

    Furthermore, PdfEditor allows PDF documents to be created. PdfEditor directly supports more than 301 file types (e.g., Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Tiff, JPEG, PNG, etc.). All other files can be similarly converted by means of the supplied PDF printer. In this way, it is possible to create PDF documents from every Windows application using a printer driver.

    Different document types can also be mixed and/or combined when creating PDFs. In this way, different Word and Excel files, for example, can be combined in a single PDF document.

    Needless to say, different PDF documents can also be combined into a new document. In the process, the order of the pages can be set as desired. Pages can also be extracted into a new document with PdfEditor.

    Find a complete feature list here.

  • PdfGrabber 7.0 Professional

    PdfGrabber converts PDF files into multiple formats, i.e. Word, Excel, RTF, Text, DXF/CAD, XML, Powerpoint.

    PdfGrabber makes it possible to export the whole document or just selected contents from PDF documents into different formats and further process them.

    Thus PdfGrabber permits editing and further processing of PDF contents (texts, images, vectors) in other applications, e.g. Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel® or AutoCAD®, without installing Adobe Acrobat.

    Find a complete feature list here.


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